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Pineapple Mint Elixir

Bri Coelho

Hi! I'm Bri Coelho

I'm a professional chef and pastry chef and I am passionate about making everyday delicious and eating real food!




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When life throws you a migraine drink this! Or just drink it because its delicious! I suffer from horrible migraines to the point where medicine will only do so much for me. Being one to look towards nature first, this drink has helped me so much during my migraines. With a toddler and the demands of work, I just don’t have time for migraines to get in the way. I recently just got over a BIG migraine, like the kind where it hurts to open your eyes and makes you feel unbelievably nauseous. YUCK! This Elixir has been something that I turn to during the midst of a migraine, it not only helps take away my nausea but it helps take away some of the pain in my head. Being one to share the love I just have to share my cure for migraines. After all we can’t let a migraine get in the way of hunting!

This smoothie/juice has pineapple, ginger, fresh mint and lime. Here’s why I use these ingredients:

Pineapple offers powerful anti-inflammatory compounds one of them being bromelain, this is said to help reduce headaches due to the reduction in inflammation.

Ginger relieves headaches due to its ability to reduce prostaglandin production and its reduction in inflammation and histamine.

Lime offers anti-inflammatory benefits with the addition of Vitamin C.

Mint soothes the stomach which relieves nausea and relieves headaches.

Pineapple Mint Elixir

1 Cup Fresh Pineapple, cubed

1/2 Cup Water

1/4 Cup Fresh Mint Leaves

3 TBS Fresh Lime Juice

1 TBS Fresh Ginger, grated


In a blender, combine all the ingredients together, using an amount of ice as needed. Blend till smooth and creamy in texture. Then Enjoy!

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Hi! I'm Bri Coelho

I really love horses, tacos, matcha, and cooking healthy food!