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Wilderness to Table

Wilderness to Table connects you to your food by hunting and foraging.

Our modern-day food system has become full of processed foods, chemicals, GMOs, and artificial ingredients. Wilderness to Table is dedicated to showing you how to hunt, process, and cook wild game. Hunting connects you to food, unlike anything, It gives you respect for animals, nature, and all the hard work that goes into our food.

About Wilderness to Table

Getting back to our roots of hunting & gathering is the purest FORM of food for our body, mind, & spirit.



Stay tuned for Wilderness to table events,
where you can sign up to come hunt, butcher, and cook with Chef Bri Coelho and other like minded women. These events will take you directly into the wilderness to table lifestyle. Events will include hunting for big game, upland game, fishing, and spear fishing.

Events Starting in 2024

Learn to harvest your own food

Surround yourself with like minded people

Become confident in the outdoors

learn to cook wild game

Make memories that will last forever

Why you should join us...

Wilderness to Table Events


Interested in attending an Event?

Wilderness to Table events will be held during hunting seasons in 2024. Sign up to get notified when the event schedule comes out!
See you there!




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My Favorite Wild Game Recipes

Wild Boar Meat Balls with Red Chimichurri & Sumac Greek Yogurt

Venison Bolognese Pizza with Crème Fraiche 

Quail Couscous Salad with Fennel, Orange and Pomegranate

Get the recipe

Get the recipe

Get the recipe


Wilderness to table

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