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Why is it important to keep your grill clean?

Bri Coelho

Hi! I'm Bri Coelho

I'm a professional chef and pastry chef and I am passionate about making everyday delicious and eating real food!




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If you have been following me, then you know I’m usually always grilling something. The grill/smoker is the second most used appliance in my household with the stove top coming in first place. As a professional chef I’ve had many restaurant years of making sure cooking utensils and work areas are held to high sanitary guidelines. So it’s only natural for me to carry that over into my home kitchen to say I am OCD about it is an understatement. I treat my kitchen like the health inspector will walk in at any moment during dinner service. LOL! Thus I make sure I turn to outstanding cleaning products to help me keep things spin-n-span! My grill is no different. It’s held to the same standards as my cooktop. And maybe even higher because your food cooks right on the grates and so much can happen when your food touches dirty surfaces.

So why is it important to keep a clean grill? Well let me share a few reasons and you:

  1. It prevents bacteria from contaminating your food. Treat your grill like you do your pans! Would you scramble eggs in a dirty pan? No! So why put your food on a dirty grill? Plus I’m pretty sure your dinner guests would not like to take home a case of food poising.

  2. Prevent Carcinogens from building up. Carcinogens build up on the grates of your grill every time you cook. And while many just give their grill a little scrap prior to cooking there are actually enough carcinogens still on the grates to still harm you.

  3. Food tastes better on a clean grill! It’s true, no one wants to takes the remnants of chicken teriyaki on their filet mignon. Properly cleaning your grill will make sure your food tastes the best possible.

  4. Rust is also a reoccurring bugger that creeps up on you if you don’t keep your grill clean. Preventing rust is the best way to may your grill last much longer as well.

  5. Cross contamination! Cross contamination is the leading cause of food illness in restaurants and in home cooking. Prevent that 3 day stay in the bathroom by properly cleaning your grill before each use.

  6. Instagram! Yup! Thats right, you know you like to show off your mad grill master skills on instagram, but you will never get those picture perfect grill marks if your grill isn’t clean. And we wouldn’t want you reputation to be questioned on those grilled carrots now would we?

  7. Time! When you keep a clean grill your grill will conduct heat much better and actually heat up faster that one covered in junk.

So, if I haven’t convinced you that you need to clean your grill then I don’t really know what will. But for those who are die hard grill cleaners now, I’ve got you covered with all the gear you’re going to need to add to your grill arsenal.

I personally stand behind the EarthStone Grill Cleaning Products

And for the kitchen my go-to is EarthStone Cleaning Block

I just so happen to love these products not only because they absolutely work but they are non-toxic and chemical-free, which makes my chef heart super happy.

Now with Summer and grilling season fast upon us, my friends at Summit Brands are have one heck of a Giveaway! You can enter HERE to win $1,000 to get you all the gear you need to be a grill master this summer! Four lucky winners will also receive an EarthStone Prize pack aimed at keeping your gill perfectly clean all summer long. So be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY today, like right now! Like stop what you’re doing, click the LINK and enter now!

A Clean Grill is a Happy Grill!

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Hi! I'm Bri Coelho

I really love horses, tacos, matcha, and cooking healthy food!